For the past few days I’ve seen changes, felt abandoned, felt betrayed by the people I did not expect. But rather taking it as something negative. I saw what the things that I should change in myself are. Personal growth happens when there’s conflict.


  • Never let emotion win and control you.
  • It may be wrong to a lot of people, but don’t forget your opinion matters and you should know where you stand.
  • Being a good friend doesn’t mean you have to be literally all-time good, if you’re real then you do what’s right and just.
  • Don’t let anyone expect so much goodness in you, because that the time people are going to judge you fast when mistakes are made.
  • Be honest even if it hurts, see who’ s true enough to stay.
  • You don’t let people guessing…and leave them hanging.
  • Real friends are true if they have courage to face you.
  • You fight for the people you care about.

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