my goals for 2012 =)

My goals for 2012 are more general than just fitness & health related but tie together. 

1) I will choose where I am going in life and be proactive rather than resign to living a stale life waiting for something to come to me. 

2) I am revising a famous prayer – Lord, help me change the things I should change, help me accept the things I shouldn’t change, and give me wisdom to know the difference. ( I do this because there are many more things in our control that we can choose to change these days, but I am not sure we should be.) 

3) Related to #2, I will focus on understanding the deeper needs I have that cause me to want what I don’t have, so I can deal with what really bothers me. And I will focus on all the things in my life that I can be thankful for. (This includes my body, my job sit’n, my life, my relationships). 

4) I will focus on improving and valuing the relationships in my life over and above the things I may or may not have in my life. 

5) I will continue on my path to better health.

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