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Regret Something You Did In The Past? Yup

Country You Wanna Visit: London

Way You Wanna Die: Sleeping. A heart attack could be

Like Thunderstorms? i’ve never been in one

Get Along W/ Your Parents? no

R U A Health Freak? no

U Think Ur Attractive? sometimes

Do You Believe In Yourself? yes

Wanna Get Married? yes

Shower Daily? yup

Want Kids? 3 or 4 please

When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity? i’ve already lost it

Do U Hate Anyone? no

Can You Unwrap A Starburst W/ Your Tongue? no

Do You Think You Can Sing? yeah, maybe..

Can You Open You Eyes Underwater? yes

Eat Whatever And Not Worry? no..

Can You Whistle? no

Can You Walk In High Heels? yes

Do You Sleep W/ The Light On? no

Do You Like Spicy Foods? yes

Can You Multitask? yes

Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke? of course

If You Could Wish 4 Anything…What Would You Wish? a person who loves me ❤

What Kind Of Perfume Or Colone Do You Wear? sweet smelling ones

What Kind Of Soap Do You Use? i only use Dove

What’s Your Favorite Scent? vanilla and.. baby powder..

random facts:

0241. May mga tao talaga na hindi nakalaan para sa isa’t-isa. Ang mahirap lang dun, hindi na nga nakalaan, pinagtatagpo pa.


story of my life



Nakaka depressed ka! okay naman tau ng prelim pero nung midterm,nkakakaasar! please be good to me on Finals.

I don’t acknowledge your existence either. Don’t worry about it.

Anything you could possibly think of to say to me will not bring me down. I’m not worried about it. All the dirty tricks that you could pull on me don’t even concern me. Your presence doesn’t concern me, and the lack thereof doesn’t bother me. The fact that you choose to ignore me, to not acknowledge my existence? Well, so be it. I don’t even care. In fact, from now on, I’m not even thinking about you.


2841.) You say you want us to still be close, but I honestly don’t give a fuck. I thought I made it abundantly clear before, but somehow you didn’t understand. Everything you do or say now irritates the shit out of me. That’s never happened before. Just leave me alone.


Privacy. One thing that I’m going to practice now. Also, if possible, a quiet serene life for a moment. A person needs time to think, sometimes people around you have to guess what’s going on. Saying every thought that you have in mind isn’t really healthy at all. Being too open to a lot of people won’t fix anything. It could even put you into a worst situation. Fixing things by yourself and letting it heal by itself is much better. People judge, people comment and people react which in fact you don’t really need. As much as you want to go back, sometimes you can’t anymore, because those people who know nothing at all are the ones who’s going to pull you back when everything’s okay, back from the start. And I don’t want that to happen, so it’s best to just shut up.

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