Im not a man hater =)

Madalas sabihin ng mga kaibigan ko na ako raw ay isang “man-hater”…hindi lang basta-bastang anti-social, pero man-hater pa. Inaamin ko na hindi ako malapit sa mga lalaki, pero hindi naman dahil sa may napakalaking galit ako sa kanila. Mangilan-ngilan lang ang masasabi kong kaibigan ko na lalaki at hindi ako nahihiyang aminin ito. HIndi ako tulad ng ibang babae na kailangang laging may kausap na lalaki para makupleto araw ko.

*Hindi ko kayang gumawa ng post na puro tagalog*

I do not comb my hair so that men would recognize me, nor do i yearn for their affection. I do not feel the need to go out of my way so that I could make new male friends. I make friends because I want to make friends, and because I share the same interests with those people. My lack of social life and consequently the absence of my love life does not make me a man-hater. I just simply do not see the point of changing myself for the sake of pleasing others and proving that I do not hate men.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not completely against the idea of falling in love. I may not be a romantic; I could care less for flowers on valentine’s day or stupid Monthsaries and crappy vampire movies, but I do not see any harm in dating men. I know I would not turn to ashes and I would not end up pregnant just by going out on dates. But I also do not sense the urgency in HAVING to have a boyfriend. So if, in your opinion, this makes me into a man-hater then so be it. I just don’t see the point in “selling out” just to please other people’s notion of me. I could care less if you think I’m a lesbian or a man-hater, I will just live my life the way I want so that I would not feel the need to blame others for the crap in my life.

One of my favorite professors once said in class “You are responsible for the shit that happens in your life” and I agree with him. Pressure is only pressure when you allow them to be.

People have their own opinions about everything, there are not only two sides to a story but multiple versions of the truth. Believe what you want, but do not force me into your stereotypes.

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