Three-Month Rule

I’ve never heard of the 3-Month Rule until the radio DJ’s at Magic mentioned it on air. Turns out, it came from the movie One More Chance starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. It’s a rule that states you’re not supposed to date until after 3 months after your break-up.

I find this very true. Ako pa – I’m a sucker for all the shitness of love. After a break-up, it would take me a handful of stupid, embarassing, unreasonable and unbelievable acts of katangahan before I snap back to reality.

Three months is a relatively fair amount of time for healing. I’d say it worked for me. And within those 3 long months, I cut all ties with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (except for a few necessary instances). I am firm believer of the time-and-distance-will-heal-all-wounds saying. And when I say distant, I mean DISTANT. For a few months now, I’ve turned off my contacts’ updates on Tumblr, his on Facebook, avoided familiar and memorable places – all that jazz. I didn’t want to break my concentration on my goal to be as distant as I can be. Until Tumblr decided to reset/reformat and flash me all my contacts’ recent activities – including chanchararaaaaaaan!

But that’s fine. I guess more than 3 months have passed now and guess what, I’m OK!

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