Chapter ended

Do not make someone a PRIORITY who only makes you an OPTION.

The statement seems fair but can be hard to do. And who said that the world is fair? It
is not. But then again, it’s always up to you to decide when to stop being unfair to
yourself. You’re the one who will feel that you had enough.

“I love you…

So much…

If two people love each other, they are BOTH willing to compromise so as not to hurt the
other, to keep each other and to work things out.

Relationship is for TWO…
Commitment of TWO people…
Agreement of TWO people with consideration for each other…

It is the effort of TWO people to be together despite of all the problems, faults, and their

Not just ONE…

Keep the memories.
The happy ones at least.
I know I will.
Because they are the only ones we can keep forever.”
(Chapter ended. Doors closed.)

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